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  • Fri, Oct 22
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    A Night of 80s Classic Rock

    $15.00 - $60.00 in advance.

    Join us for a night of classic 80s rock hits featuring the songs you love from the Scorpions and Van Halen when RocHaus welcomes Lovedrive and Diver Down to West Dundee for their first appearances on our 117 year old stage!

  • Sat, Oct 23
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    KICK – The INXS Experience

    $15 - $50 in advance

    RocHaus welcomes back KICK – The INXS Experience. Don’t miss these incredible musicians recreate the incredible music of INXS!

  • Sat, Oct 30
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    Arena Rock Night

    with special guests Dr. Feelgood, NightSnake, and Rat Pak

    $15 - $50

    Arena Rock night at Chicago’s favorite music venue!
    Join us as we welcome Dr. Feelgood, Nightsnake and Rat Pak to our stage for a night of all of the hard rock classics you know and love!!
  • Wed, Nov 03
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    Blacktop Mojo

    $15-$30 in advance

  • Fri, Nov 05
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    Kashmir: The Led Zeppelin Show

    $20 - $60

    Whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV.

    We’re doing just that on Friday, November 5 when we welcome the one and only Kashmir – The Led Zeppelin Show to West Dundee.


  • Sat, Nov 06
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    Pearl Jam Tribute Chicago

    with special guest Superunknown

    $15 - $50

    Saturday, November 6th, break out the flannel as we welcome Pearl Jam Tribute Chicago and Super-Unknown to West Dundee, IL!

    Rock and Roll. Good for the Soul.

  • Fri, Nov 19
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    Wreking Crue: The Motley Crue Experience

    $20 - $60

    RocHaus welcomes Wreking Crue: The Motely Crue Experience to West Dundee for a great night of live music!!

  • Sat, Nov 20
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    In the Flesh – Echoes of Pink Floyd


    Join us for an incredible night of the music, look and sound of Pink Floyd.

  • Fri, Dec 03
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    $15 - $50

    Attention Jack and Diane………and everyone else not named Jack and Diane!

    RocHaus is proud to welcome, for the very first time, Mellencougar to West Dundee!