• September 28

    Thursday Night Live with 3 If By Air, Kickstand, Something in the Shadows

  • September 29

    The Best Dave Mathews Tribute Around!

  • September 30

    Freak on a Leash/Korn tribute, Reign in Blood/Slayer tribute, Zero Signal/Fear Factory tribute

  • October 1

    Chicago Bears Game plus a FREE show by the band Hair Nation

  • October 6

    The Ultimate Tribute to the Almighty, JUDAS PRIEST is Bloodstone!

  • October 7

    Tributes to Blink 182, Weezer and Emo/Paramore

  • October 8

    Emo Night Karaoke, you sing with the band on stage live!

  • October 13

    Physical Graffiti, a Tribute to Led Zeppelin

  • October 14

    Syndicate Sound Sessions 002 : Pathwey, Rafeeki, erothyme + More!

  • October 20

    Rookies Rochaus Presents Jaktripper, The Wise Guys plus The Burning Cactus

  • October 21

    Rookies Rochaus Presents Tennessee Whiskey (Chicago)

  • October 27

    Rookies Rochaus Presents Madman’s Diary w/ Vicious Circle

  • October 28

    Rookies Rochaus Presents The Best Damn Tool Tribute around. Lateralus!

  • November 3

    see in event detail for all info

  • November 9

    2 Shadows plus The Lonely Ones and Embers Rise, Kings by Day

  • November 10

    Nationally Touring Tribute Smells Like Nirvana

  • November 18

    Rookies Rochaus Presents In the Flesh – Echoes of Pink Floyd

  • November 19

    Coterie Metal Mayhem for Children’s Craniofacial Association