• April 25

    Rookies Rochaus Thursday Night Live Original Music!

  • April 26

    Shady – A Live Band Tribute to the Music of Eminem

  • April 27

    7th Heaven Returns to Rookies Rochaus

  • May 2

    FREE SHOW- Rookies Rochaus Presents Free Stand Up Comedy Show

  • May 3

    Rookies Rochaus Presents Tennessee Whiskey (Chicago), w/ Lara Bell Band, Eric Case Band

  • May 4

    Rookies Rochaus Presents Trippin Billies with Tipsy Phuddled

  • May 5

    Rochaus Presents Infinity/Benefit for Purrfect Cat Rescue

  • May 5

    Chicago Rock Ensamble Tributos/Cinco De Mayo Party

  • May 10

    Rookies Rochaus Presents Blackened/Ultimate Metallica tribute w/Boneshaker and After Forever

  • May 11

    Rookies Rochaus Presents the Chain/ Fleetwood Mac Tribute with Heart of Glass and Mellenium

  • May 17

    Motley 2 International Touring Crue Tribute w/ Torn Creed Tribute and Spillage

  • May 24

    Rookies Rochaus Presents National Artist Smoking Popes

  • May 25

    Rookies Rochaus Presents Pavement Music Recording Artist “Plush”

  • June 1

    Rookies Rochaus Presents the Slackers Unite Band with guest Mitch Lip And the Side Hustle

  • June 2

    Are You Ready For It … A Taylor Experience

  • June 8

    Larkin Royals Class of 1989 35th Class Reunion

  • June 22

    Forever Amor Freestyle/Hip Hop Explosion with Troy Guy and more!